Top Three Reasons Why You Need To Replace Your Baby Crib

What is so important about replacing your crib? Why does everyone always say you need to renew it? What are the CPSC, ASTM, JPMA certificates anyways? What will the law do if you don't? Many of you have probably asked these same questions yourself. I will explain in three reasons why this is so important to your baby, daycare, and for the law.

First off the importance of replacing your crib is for the absolute safety of your child or someone else's child. Since 2000 there has been over 32 cases of infant deaths due to "drop side cribs". Every daycare and user of these certain crib designs have until December 2012 to remove them with safer and tested ones (WishTv8). Also, CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System conducted a case study through 2000 to 2004 where they found "27 cases of infant death involving bumper pads or similarly padded bassinets" (Thatch). Either your crib or your mattress, the main concern here is to show everyone that crib related injuries and deaths do occur.

Secondly, all of these certifications are put in place in order to guarantee the product is completely flawless. CPSC stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission, ASTM stands for American Standard Test Method, and JPMA stands for Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association. If you're not a daycare owner or a childcare supply store then you might not even know what the break down and definitions of these certifications really mean. CPSC tests "crib slats [which] must be able to handle a lot of stress on them, the mattress support panel must stay in place, and parts must not come apart during stress testing" (La Baby). ASTM tests for "corner post vertical extensions, dynamic impact testing for crib structural integrity, crib interior dimensions and component spacing, and impact testing of crib side rails" (ASTM). JPMA certificaton is the seal shown on all of their approved merchandise while ASTM does the initial testing, JPMA continually follows up with retailer and randomly tests retailers and products on a yearly basis (JPMA).

Third, its the law. Under the Consumer Product Safety Act there are numerous penalties against your facility and your own liability that will throw you under the bus if you don't change out your cribs by December 28, 2012. You might think you can get away with it but risking a civil lawsuit, personal liability, and $100,000 per crib which is not certified in your facility after the date is just far too huge of a risk to take (Wiki).

Our manufacturer, La Baby, believes every baby is a star which also means they guarantee safety in any of their cribs. Here is a list of cribs that we think are the very best and would love for you to take a look at!

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Lastly here is a product recall finder from Baby Center: PRODUCT RECALL FINDER. If you have any cribs or designs on this list I highly recommend you switch them out today or December will creep up on you!

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Helping Parents Help Children with Autism


     Most people think autism is a disorder that is stuck with your child for life. But I have to say that there is research that states that you could be doing more than you think to help your child with their autism. Foremost I believe kids with autism have a big heart. There are more the parents can be doing and I know that is a fact because my very own cousin is autistic and he gives me the biggest hugs out of any children I have ever met! Even though research conducted says that usually they are inapt to smiles and laughter, this is not a true statement for everyone. I believe it is easier to make a child with autism laugh and giggle more than a  regular child who gets bored of you! This is not stating that one is better than the other but I think there needs to be more blogs with expressions of hope, inspiration, and joy towards autism.

     Watching my aunt take care of her child with autism has been incredible. She has read every page there is to know on the topic of this neurological disorder. She’s even tampered with his food to see which types of food makes his behavior better or worse. She’s done foot therapy for him which scientists would argue is just a regular foot massage. But believe me when I say this, her child is one of the most disciplined, loving, caring, and outgoing children I have ever met!

Here are three steps to help you and your child:

1 .    It’s not about you, its about them.
I’ve read numerous articles about parenting and steps to help you with your child’s disorder but I believe that you should give your child, disorder or not, all the love and all of the attention they deserve. Listen to them, talk with them immensely, and lastly love them unfathomably. I realize it’s hard for parents, but it can’t be harder than what they are going through. Here is a great book that helps you understand your child’s disorder and helps you through it: http://www.honorrollsupply.com/products/teaching-young-children-w-autism

2 .    Watch your child’s diet.
Gluten- free products, wheat free products, low carbs, low sugars, natural and organic foods will help create a stable behavior in your child. Every kid is different so you need to pay close attention to exactly what they are eating. For example my aunt realized that a certain color dye was affecting her child’s behavior and increased crankiness and tiresome characteristics. If you would like to know more information on this here is a great article: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/807819/calming-foods-for-hyperactive-kids

3.      Learn with them while loving them!
One of the main things that autistic children lack is attention from others. Since their attention span is usually slim, parents may interpret that this means they are not following along and therefore spend less time with their child. But I encourage everyone to keep trying even when they are not looking at you because you never know when your hard work and determination is actually going to show in your child’s education. Check out these great games and helpful guides: Photo Conversation Cards,

I hope that all of this information will help you and your child throughout your journey in life! Just remember don’t give up and that there are people out there just like you! I encourage you to even find a support group with people just like you who can help you in any way that you might need it.