Celebrate The Week Of The Young Child

Celebrating The Week of The Young Child involves more than the title suggests. It's a week of engaging everyone involved in the early stages of a young child's life! It's also a time to appreciate everyone involved in the learning process of the child. Children are the foundation to the next generations. The Week of The Young Child is such an important event and people must take a moment (or a week) to step back and realize what a difference they can make. Everywhere there are aspiring young children with hands and feet that want to play but also with minds that are capable of understanding and learning comprehensive materials at all hours of the day. Teachers and parents play the most vital role in early childhood education. In order to understand how to expand a child's cognitive level you must first understand how to enhance your environment, daycare, or home for the betterment of their early childhood education. Here is a bullet point list from Play and Child Development (J.L. Frost, S.C. Wortham) to ensure you are maximizing your ability to reach everyone's full potential every hour of the day!

- Ensure that toys and materials provided children are open ended and promote problem solving.
-Provide opportunities for children to engage in dramatic play that encourages cooperation and negotiation.
-Make available materials that encourage representation through construction.
-Provide art materials that encourage expression of ideas through art experiences.
-Offer simple games that include rules preschool children can follow.
-Provide learning activities that accentuate the senses and playfulness that can be incorporated into play.
-Engage children in simple games and cognitive activities that can later be played independently.
-Make sure that construction and art materials are available in both the indoor and outdoor play environments.
-Ensure dramatic play materials are available in both the indoor and outdoor play environments.

This list is just the foundational steps to creating an environment that children can learn the most from. Not only is this list important but also the characteristics of the teachers. In an article written by Colker she lists the twelve characteristics of effective early childhood teachers and the one characteristic that stood out was passion. (Colker) Passion and love for children is what motivates The Week of The Young Child event year after year. Anything you post or write or plan for the children will help this event thrive.

Here are some activities that involve all of the bullet points listed that you can do in your daycare or preschool classrooms or in your own home:

-Playing with Blocks of all kinds: http://handsonaswegrow.com/lots-of-blocks-activities/
-Singing songs that teach pronunciation and more: http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/educational_videos/educational_videos_abc_song.html
-Outdoor activities with a parachute: http://nurturestore.co.uk/parachute-games
-Create an indoor tube wall ball drop!

Early childhood education is definitely something to be celebrated and this event the week of the young child is celebrating from April 14-20! This event is through NAEYC organization just simply go to their site to locate resources and find out more information! Happy Week of The Young Child!!