Great Kid Friendly Projects That Will Melt Moms Heart!

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday and I hope all of you have tons of great ideas for your kids to do! I was looking through all of the great projects out there and found two projects that are sure to not only be fun with your kids but will melt their Moms heart! Making everyone happy while keeping to an affordable budget is key here. These projects look like so much fun, I can only imagine what it would be like in the classroom surrounded by smiling bubbly faces that all want to make something for their moms.

First project is with mason jars and hand prints. There are SO many projects that involve mason jars because they are affordable and cute! Plus there are so many ways to dress up these mason jars. Yarn, string, or ribbon tied around these jars bring them to life! Especially when flowers are put in them. You could definitely have your kids make fake flowers out of paper which would also spruce them up. Here is a step by step tutorial for beautiful flowers made with tissue paper: http://onelittleproject.com/how-to-make-tissue-paper-flowers/. Also if you like videos, TLC has a great video on this topic: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/family/paper-flowers.htm.

Hand Print of Love

Even hand printed canvas bags are such a cute idea that any Mother would adore!

This mason jar has actual planting soil in it! It's definitely symbolic for the growth of life. Here would be a really neat idea to have your kids write a simple message on a piece of paper tied with yarn.

Of course the traditional fingerprint paintings are always kept in Mom's treasure box for years and years and are a great present for her!

Thumbprint of Love

Second project is with clay thumbprints! All you need is some simple materials: Clay, a roller, an oven, and the kids thumbprint! You can make a hole in it and tie it to a piece of yarn, string, or ribbon and make it into a bracelet or necklace. Infarrantly Creative blog has a great article on how to make clay thumbprints.

You can even get colored clay and make these out of hearts!

I want to thank all of the mothers and teachers out there who are helping kids make Mother's feel appreciated everywhere! From all of the dedication to the love and support that Mothers across the globe give everyday is one of the many reasons why they deserve projects that will absolutely warm their heart! I hope all of you have a great Mothers Day!

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