Frugal Art Ideas For Kids!

I can count a myriad of ways in which you can use canvas and make cheap and fun art projects for the little ones! Many of you probably know the melted crayons on the canvas or dripping paint to make an aesthetic look, but there is much more to do on a canvas than that. You can trace their hands, trace their silhouette, paint a picture, or even have them make their own word and glue wood right on the canvas! I will take you step by step through two art projects found online and how cheap they really are!

1. Trace of Hands

What you'll need:

This whole project comes out to be $30.92 without tax. Also it is just suggested that you go to this site, but there are plenty of other places to get all of these products. Before painting remember to use some newspapers or even an old sheet to protect any surfaces from getting paint on them!

First off just have your kids trace their hands boldly onto the canvas, then have them use a different color to paint on the inside.

Second and lastly, paint over the finished art with an acrylic glaze to seal the paint onto the canvas. After that you have just completed an art project in less than 30 minutes!

Beautiful hand print art on canvas and kids can do it all :)

2. Paint Pictures on a Canvas

What you'll need:

This project came out to be a total of $22.27 with the regular tissue paper or with circled tissue paper= $24.37.

First have your kids cut out anything they would like out of the tissue paper, or you can just buy the already cut circles. Then have them paint whatever color your kids would like onto the canvas. It can be blue, pink, or white! Then let the paint dry on the canvas (about 30 minutes) and paint the mod podge with the foam brush lightly onto the canvas. Stick your tissue paper onto the canvas and then gently paint over the tissue paper with the mod podge again. Here are some examples and inspiration of what you can do with your art!

Hopefully this gives you some excitement to start a new project in your home or even the classroom!

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