Back to School

When I was young I remember my first day in Kindergarten and I was so nervous. The cafe lines were long and the milk was not quite cold. I would run to class everyday and eventually fell down and bruised my knee because I believed somebody had "pushed me". But I'm pretty sure I just fell down because I was running too fast. I have many elementary memories that come flooding back to me but the most prominent memories are my teachers. I remember each and everyone of their names, what they looked like, and even what they wore. It's amazing to think back on who guided you through life by teaching you the basics of education.

One of my most prominent memories was when I was in 1st grade and was in the middle of a spelling test. I was so nervous in taking my test that I was trying to sneak a peak at the answers. I knew I was going to get some of them right but I wanted it to be 100% correct. Eventually my eye caught the teachers eye and I was publicly announced in front of the class that I was looking at my cheat sheet. Throughout the years I've been in school I've thought about that one moment of humiliation and directed myself to finish the test without cheating. It also had to do with studying more and of course maturing, but there's always that one memory that brings you back to the beginning of it all.

My favorite parts of elementary other than recess was literature. In 3rd grade I had to complete a short story in the form of a book and draw illustrations for it. We could choose whatever we wanted to write about, either fiction or non fiction. I chose to write about me going to my grandma's house to make food for Christmas. I never let anyone throw it away because I thought it would someday guide me with inspiration to write my first novel. I also remember my teacher commenting on how well I had created it. Just the other day I was cleaning out my garage and happen to come across it. When I look at it now I think it was much shorter than I had realized. When your a kid everything is ten times larger. It's interesting to see the differences of measurement when you were little compared to 15 years later.

Those are just some key highlights I wanted to share about my childhood and going back to school. Lastly, I just want to thank all of my teachers for being there for me throughout the years and teaching me every step of the way. They have had such an influence on me and I am so grateful to have received the education I did. I hope that every teacher has a positive influence on everyone as well. Have fun and good luck back to school!

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