Chalk It Up In Your Daycare!

Chalkboard paint is a great way for you to save some money WHILE giving your kids their favorite afternoon activity! Chalkboard paint can be made by you or by purchasing it a local crafts store. Martha Stewart has a great recipe for mixing chalkboard paint and inspirational ideas on where to put your chalkboard wall. There are a lot of crafty ideas for you to do when your kids are busy coloring the walls by using the chalkboard paint to interior design your own walls. (Just make sure the chalkboard is far away from the kids or they will cover it with their own designs :) .) Here's a great site to see some artistic chalkboard ideas at Scraphacker.
I love this photo from Scraphacker! Very creative and artsy!

Spruce up your own daycare with chalkboard paint by using these great photos for inspiration! If your looking for some daycare supplies for chalk to get started, click here! I hope you all enjoy these awesome photos of how to use chalkboard paint not only for your kiddies  but also for you!

brilliant blue (2065-30)Chalkboard paint on dresser. Great idea for daycare kids' clothes.
entry way chalkboard for kids

Have fun and good luck!
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